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We all know that eating a well-balanced diet is important. We need vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fat. Without the right amounts of them we become sick and wrinkly. But do you know that all these are useless if they can’t get into your cells? Okay, so you probably knew that already. But do you know how they get into your cells to work?

Every nutrient has to be carried by water into the cell where it is to be used. Truth is that carrying stuff in and out of your cells is really all water does. Sure there’s a bunch of technical terms for how that happens but essentially water hydrates (carries stuff in) and cleanses (carries stuff out). That’s it. Nutrients have to catch the water bus or taxi if they are going to do you any good. Toxins (pain and sickness causing stuff) have to be carted off by water if you want to reduce inflammation, oxidation and glycation.

Simple right? Yet 7 out of 10 American’s live their adult life chronically, mildly dehydrated. Not dying of thirst in the desert dehydrated, but dehydrated nonetheless. In fact the leading causes of death – Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer – can all be improved by simply properly hydrating the patient.

The National Institutes of Health found the efficacy and efficiency of water in the body is affected by its molecular size and shape. The conclusion was water with 5 to 7 molecules shaped like a hexagon hydrated 6 to 10 times better than water with more molecules and random shapes. Tap, filtered, bottled, reverse osmosis and distilled waters all have 12 to 20 molecules randomly shaped. Ionized water has 5 to 6 molecules shaped like a hexagon.

This is why I recommend drinking ionized water as part of your overall health and wellness plan.

You could make a complete immediate 1 to 1 exchange and do a full “detox”. I do not suggest this because you will flood your body with toxins that have been stored in the soft/fatty tissue of your body. That type of “detox” can also cause you to experience cold and flu like symptoms, spike your glucose levels and over work your liver, kidneys (potentially leading to long term damage) and immune system. Nobody likes feeling yucky so why do it?

The best method is the one like I’ve outlined below. It gives your body the extra hydration in small enough amounts for it to completely clean up those nasty toxins before giving it more to handle.

After about two weeks your body should have cleaned up enough to drink ionized water without the above limitations. However, you may want to continue with gradual increase until you reach your daily water target of ½ to 1 full ounce of water per pound of body weight.  We can discuss this during your wellness consultation.

Something important to remember is the smaller molecular structure and permeability of the water, can cause medication to have a greater effect on the body. Therefore, DO NOT DRINK ionized water 30 before or after taking any medication. This restriction does not apply to supplements.

Please feel free to call (513-760-6018) or email (Rebecca@AHD247.com) with any questions.

In Good Health,

Rebecca McGrane
Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Aromatherapist

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