The Ionizer I Have in My Kitchen

The Alka-Life ionizer is what I have in my own personal kitchen.  I replaced my $4K Enagic machine with when it stopped working after less than 6 month’s worth of use. The $4K machine cost of ownership (including maintenance & warranty renewals) calculated out to 3¢ more per gallon of water over a 30 year period. I chose a 30 year period for comparison because that is the standard (as in no extra charge) warranty on the Alka-Life.

I’ve never had an issue with my machine. However, I had a friend who had trouble with theirs. They company was FANTASTIC about resolving the issue. And, because purchased their ionizer through me I was able to take the lead on arranging the details on behalf of my friend.

This video shares GREAT information speicifically about my favorite water ionizer.


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