How I Found Ionized Water

In 2008 I was heading home on a Friday morning to finish preparing our Friday Night Family dinner. I was a few blocks from home about to turn down a side street when another driver used my fully stopped, turn signal engaged vehicle as their braking mechanism.

They actually had to cut me out of the car. In the days and months immediately after I couldn’t even get my toothbrush into my mouth I was totally jacked up. About 18 months after I was able to fully open my hands again. They had been stuck in the “grip the steering wheel” pose since the accident. 2 years and  1.2 million dollars in medical treatment later that accident had left me with serious pain and limitations .

At that time I had been an evidence-based holistic wellness practitioner for 14 years. I had helped so many others recover from a trauma like this so I delved in and started working to reduce my inflammation.  I found a respected physiatrist, physical therapist and a dentist specializing in the type of injuries I had.

I was doing all the right things – kale smoothies, plant based proteins, low glycemic foods, soft foods only – nothing crunchy because I couldn’t bit through it & nothing chewy because more than 5 or 10 seconds of chewy and my jaw hurt too much and I was exhausted, drinking 1 to 2 gallons of filtered water every day, resting when I felt tired (which was about 18 hours every day), physical therapy, massage therapy – my doctor actually told me they wished all their patients were as compliant with their care plan.

Still, I had to take regular hours long breaks (naps really) throughout the day. I couldn’t drive a measley 20 miles to visit my dad without stopping to rest for an hour every 4th or 5th mile. I had to take a photo of where I parked when I made it to the grocery store – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find my car when I came out – even if I had only been inside for 5 minutes.

Then I introduced ionized water to my routine and I FINALLY started to get my life back. Within 2 weeks I was able to drive the full 20 miles to visit my dad. I still had issues to work through but rather than “treading water” I was actually making marked improvement.

I now had first hand experience on how using ionized water could safely and effectively support my anti-inflamatory habits.

I began telling EVERY BODY about Ionized Water only to learn that the machine I spent over 4 thousand dollars on was not the best Ionized Water option. I felt horrible because I knew dozens and dozens of people just like me who had spent thousands of dollars on a water ionizer that wasn’t the best value for their money. My own ionizer stopped working within 6 months and the company refused to replace or repair the machine that was still under warranty.

But my confidence in Ionized Water was not dissuaded – just the way to go about getting Ionized Water changed – for the better!

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